Brilliantly flittering from flower to flower, this little nectar bird shines brightly amongst the rich colours of the Tiger Lily and Nasturtiums. Catherine delighted in recreating this little creature in Stumpwork with the added vibrancy of turquoise metallic fabrics, sequins and braids. The flowers are silk fused in Colourstreams hand-dyed silk habutai and organza. Set against the black silk background it brings all these beautiful elements to life.

Nectar Gatherer

  • Kit Contents:

    - Black silk background, silk haboutai fabrics, and metal organzas

    - All silk threads and ribbons, corded thread, and shimmer tape

    - Sequins and Stamens

    - Wires

    - Colour photograph

    - Full instructions


    Design Size: 30cm x 30cm (12" x 12")

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