Catherine Howell has captured this beautiful lady from the fashionable 1920’s “Art Deco” era. She poses in a lavish gown adorned with copper cornelli work on the arm and body of her dress. Completed with gorgeous copper & gold feathers constructed from fringed metallic fabrics & metal threads, Russet silk velvet shapes embellished with beads, and sadi metal threads & sequins. The swish of her elaborate head dress embroidered on a 100% Pure Thai black silk fabric background gives this 'Diva' a certain richness in this classy act.

Art Deco Diva

  • Kit Contents:

    - Hand painted 'Diva' on 100% Pure Thai black silk fabric background

    - All threads, sequins/beads, and Sadi metallic threads

    - Metallic organza fabric

    - Colour Photograph

    - Full instructions


    Design Size: 30cm (12") x 46cm (18")

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